Network Crafting

When drawing out my network I found out that I had a great deal of connections because of my family and friends. However, I did not have very much connections from my study and work. I was very surprised about the fact that I could not name one connection that could help me into “World Improvement”. While that is the thing I tell people I want to be doing later. After a long time of thinking I connected Léa and Laetitia. Two girls I met when studying abroad in England that are also idealists and are very interested in “world improving” matters.

What can I give my network?

  • Enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.
  • Knowledge about how to deal with cultures and communication.
  • Knowledge about social media.
  • International experience/contacts.

Right now I am working on improving my network in the following ways:

  • I am using social media to become more ‘social’ and in this way extending my network. I consider it more difficult to meet people when you are not studying in the country but doing an internship. One of the example The application Meet Up Valencia, I went to several meetings about ecological food where I met a great deal of interesting people, including farmers and small initiatives.
  • In addition, applications such as Blabla Car and Couch surfing has helped me to improve my network.

My network in the wine business, has improved significantly in Holland as well as in Spain because a lot of customers, as in restaurants and wine shops, came to Valencia and I had to guide them through the city. Also there were a significant amount of wine events where Vicente Gandia sold wine. I went there and met a considerable amount of important people in organizing events in Valencia.


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