The idea where we start our brainstorm session is creating a Meet Up group in Groningen like the Meet Up groups where I am going to now in Valencia. Because it really helps to get to know new, very nice people when you are new in a city and I know how valuable it is to a new person to have locals guiding them around. Where we should elaborate on now is who to invite (for everybody or a certain target group?), how to make it appealing for people to go to etc. In addition, I would like to focus on the aspect of Global Citizenship. In the sense of really taking care of one another, despite different backgrounds, ages etc.

The ideas that came out of the brainstorm were the following:

  •  Also promotion of the events on other channels, such as Facebook, universities, flyers.
  • To use it as a tool to bring people from different ages with the same interests together: people that like cycling go cycling, people that like to have a drink in a bar go do that.
  • Carry out different workshops organised by locals to really get to know the culture (eat stroopwafel, cycling, make ‘stamppot’, drink  a beer, do competitions).
  • Small groups, in order to really get to know each other.
  • Introduction at the beginning.
  • Connecting a new person in Groningen with a local based on interest.
  • Start the project with really listening to the needs of the people: conducting interviews and surveys etc.
  • Create a sense of global citizenship by organizing local charity events, for instance cooking food for homeless people or elderly people.

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