Too Much To Write About

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog. This time it meant that there were really too many things to write about. So much that I had no time to write it down.

Since my last blog I had two really nice last months in England: my family and two very good Dutch friends came to visit me, there were a lot of nice parties, I visited Edinburgh, I had deadlines for school and so on. One of the last days before I left, three really good friends had a surprise for me, we went to Sushi & Salsa. This was on top of an enormous building with an amazing view and incredible food. It was seriously one of the best nights of my life. On the 13th of January it was unfortunately already time to leave England; I left with a lot of good memories.


It was pretty weird and nice at the same time to be back in Holland. I kept saying ´excuse me´ and ´thank you´ to Dutch-speaking people in the train. I stayed in Holland for two weeks. It was very good to finally see my friends, family and dogs(!!) again. The second day in Holland I got an unexpected surprise party, which was really nice. I had a lot of catching up to do with everyone, so sometimes I had more than three appointments a day including an intensive Spanish course that I was following. In short, I went out in Groningen (I had missed that a lot), celebrated my grandparent´s 50 years of marriage, went to the island Schiermonnikoog with my family and hugged my dogs as much as I could. And before I knew it it was time to go on my second adventure again: Valencia.


The second half of my year abroad I am going to spend as a communication intern at winery Vicente Gandia in Valencia, Spain. I am in Valencia now for 5 days and everything seems really nice. I live in a big flat with a huge balcony together with two French and one Italian, the people at the internship seem nice and the weather is beautiful. The only real barrier here is the language. A lot of Spanish people don´t speak English and my Spanish is far from fluent. But I hope to overcome this barrier soon by practicing a lot.

Hasta luego amigos!


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