The Adventure Begins!

After an amazing goodbye/birthday party, where everybody – yes even my grandparents – were dressed up as a country of choice, it’s finally time to really go! The first adventure this year is situated in the United Kingdom, London. There I’m going to study a mixture of development, politics and hopefully journalism (because of a timetable clash it’s unclear).

My dad brought me by car, so I could bring whatever I wanted to, including all the amazing presents I got at my party. However, when I got there I realized I missed some major things, like cookware and cutlery. Luckily I wasn’t the only one who forgot it. The first night in London was already a good start, a girl appeared in my hall and asked me to come to a party. There I met a lot of nice, mostly foreign people.

The second day in London I spent with my dad walking around in the center. London is very beautiful! Around nine my dad left, now I’m really alone..

Day three, there was a fresher’s fair at Middlesex with a lot of useful information. The school looks really beautiful. I signed up for trial lessons in cheer-leading, cheer-dancing and volleyball (help! I’m not even a sportive person). In the evening we went out in Soho. It was very nice, everybody was dressed up in very fancy skirts and dresses. Totally different than in Groningen!

On September 25, there was a fair at the campus with a lot of free food, bumper cars and other things. In the evening two girls had a surprise, they bought me a birthday cake! Later in the evening we had a pub crawl in Camden Town!

On my actual birthday, I went with a group of people to London. It didn’t really feel like my birthday but I already had that the day before and at my party in Holland.

This was just one very busy week in London,  my classes did not even start yet, they are starting on the 5th of October. I really like it here, although it’s still very new.

I do encounter some differences compared to Holland, like they don’t say “Hi” when you cross a stranger on the street, you’re just awkwardly looking at each other. And they make queues everywhere they possibly can. Something that surprised me was that most English people, especially boys, are very straight forward. “Do you think I’m handsome?” is apparently a very normal question to ask. And I thought Dutch people were direct..

PS: See the gallery for pictures!


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  1. John kamping · October 1, 2015

    Nice blog my dauchter as a chearleader! Chear up


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